“When dealing with Mercuri Architectural you can be assured that you are working with a company that has its roots firmly grounded within the roof lighting sector of the construction industry”.

A Brief History

In the latter years of the 1970s I had the very good fortune to be invited to join the national specification sales team of the then acknowledged, market leading manufacturers of thermoformed rooflights in the U.K. Whilst working for this company, I gained really valuable market knowledge and wide ranging, ‘hands on’ experience of the many different aspects of the roof glazing industry, all of which stood me in very good stead for later in my career, when I went on to personally and very successfully set up and run the roof glazing divisions of two major, U.K. based building product manufacturing groups.


Apart from introducing and overseeing the development of some innovative but

thoroughly practical, technical rooflight developments into the U.K., another key responsibility I had at that time was to work very closely with some of the larger architectural and consultant engineering practises throughout the country; specifiers which, even to this day, enjoy an international reputation. I also worked closely with the quantity and building surveyors and contractors habitually involved with any individual project, advising all of them on the best ways to introduce natural light, ventilation or shelter into their different projects. Also during this time, I had the opportunity to work directly with some particularly important government departments, national and local authorities and organisations, as well as a number of international retail and petro-chemical PLCs, assisting these 'household name' companies in the design of and providing the fullest information about the best and most secure ways we could incorporate daylight and glazed canopy solutions into some of their really interesting but highly challenging projects. These products would eventually be installed in many different types of buildings (including some that were particularly well known and prestigious) or would form part of large scale, high value, retail refurbishment programs that were, in due course, ‘rolled out’ across many sites in Scandinavia and other parts of Western Europe.


Of course, these major capital investment projects usually took not just

months, but quite often years of clearly focused, totally committed and solid, professional hard work to carefully bring them through from an initial proposal to a successful installation.

Time For Change

Then, about fifteen years ago, I had the glimmer of an idea of forming a new and somewhat different style of rooflight company; a company that would not actually manufacture, nor carry the considerable overhead that a stockist or roofing merchant has to... and definitely not just another ‘online seller' of assorted 'boxed up goods'.


Instead, I envisaged something quite different... a totally professional and highly knowledgeable but definitely approachable firm that would be much more akin to being an independent roof glazing ‘consultancy’ and which (being completely free from the inherent restrictions habitually built into standard employment contracts) would really enable us to genuinely give all our clients our very best, impartial advice as to the ideal way of solving their rooflight and architectural glazing problems.


Depending on a client’s individual requirements and circumstances, this company would either act as the client’s paid consultant, or as a specialist supplier and installer.

UltraLight Max Insulated Glass Monopitch

New Beginnings

Gradually, this initial concept took on a shape and form of its own and after making one or two important but necessary ‘tweaks’ to improve the original concept, the company which today is known as Mercuri Architectural was formed, with the clear objective of offering the widest choice of different types of high quality rooflight and architectural glazing solutions, at some of the keenest prices it possibly could to all its customers, whilst still maintaining a level of customer commitment and service that was considered virtually ’de rigueur’ amongst some of the higher echelons of the specification markets which I had been so used to working in.


Whilst setting up the new company it was essential that we adhered to four basic, but key principles:


First of all, the company would not carry expensive overheads (such as a fleet of luxury cars and unnecessary showrooms)... which in reality always end up having to be paid for by the customer in the form of higher prices. Next, we would offer our services not just to the many existing, high level contacts I had previously worked with, but also to entirely new customers who had very different requirements for their projects.


Very importantly, as the company grew, it would essentially remain a  family based concern, to be run along ethical family values and finally, the sales ‘style’ of the company would very much be based on the principles and practises I had successfully followed and indeed encouraged throughout almost all of my previous, thirty year plus career, i.e. always trying to do the best to be the consummate professional: someone who takes the time to actually listen to what their customers' real requirements are, someone who genuinely understands just what his products can actually do and (equally importantly) cannot do and then, armed with this knowledge, genuinely prefers to adopt a friendly, consultative and totally non-pressured sales approach toward their clients.


Is this is the sort of company approach

which just might be of real help to you?


Today, Mercuri Architectural has grown into a second generation

business which has (after first very carefully vetting and thoroughly assessing them) negotiated some highly special terms with a very select

‘panel’ of Western European and U.K. based specialist rooflight and architectural glazing manufacturers; terms which in turn enable us to pass on to our customers some much better prices. These firms are all

well established and totally professional ’partners’ that genuinely share with us common business principles and which, just like us, not only take real pride in the products and service they offer, but have also been able to clearly demonstrate to us an inspiring dedication, technical knowledge and real passion for their chosen craft.

Toplite Max Polycarbonate Domes

Here at Mercuri Architectural, in order to ensure our customers get genuine Value For Money, we like to do things

 rather differently... not least by making sure that we offer all our clients quality, well made and carefully installed products at

attractive, genuine prices that are both competitive and realistic.


However, in order to offer true V.F.M. we also understand that IT’S NOT JUST ALL ABOUT THE PRICE!


That’s why our clients can also expect to enjoy the benefits of our:-



Rock Face

From your very first contact with us our

comprehensive customer service includes:


Free budget costings

Free and fully detailed quotations

Detailed specifications

Site surveys *

Full technical support

Our commitment to you

"Your project is our project"

Whether you just need a single rooflight or an

entire glazed walkway, floor or roof, our dedicated

and knowledgeable team will fully take on board all

your design and budget criteria and remain totally

focused on providing you with the very best

affordable solution for your building project.


Standard detail and approval drawings

Pre-contract site meetings *

Expert installation (as required)

After sales service


*at our discretion



Incorporation of the latest, technically advanced

glazing materials, imaginative use of AutoCAD and

of course, superbly accurate, computer controlled

machinery, ensures that our specialist building products

meet the most demanding national and European

standards for design, performance and durability.

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Fully remote, weather controlled, or even more

‘high tech’ ventilation control systems are readily

available, along with a range of technically advanced

glass, whilst all the polycarbonate we use is properly

U.V. stablised and at least 3mm thick... just as you

would expect from a company that takes the

quality of its products very seriously indeed.

And when we say choice, we really do mean choice!

•     Polycarbonate or Glass

•     Aluminium or Steel Glazing Bars

•     Curved, Sloped or Flat

•     Domes or Pyramids

•     Standard Size or Custom Made

•     Flat or Pitched Roofs -

•     Contemporary or Traditionally Styled

•     Supply Only or Fully Installed

•     Walk On Rooflights and Fully Glazed Floors -

•     Canopies (Wall Fixed or Fully Supported),

      Covered Walkways and Facades

•     Custom Designed Glazed Structures

And to make sure whatever you choose is as individual as you are...

...A Cornucopia Of Polyester Powder Colours*


*RAL or BS Colours                                    

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Insulating Glass Rooflight With Glazed Gable Ends

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In this way, the company would be in the perfect position whereby it could really put the clients’ interests first and foremost… something which any sales employee who is under contract to an individual product manufacturer simply is not legally able to do, because, no matter how senior they may be, he or she is always going to be duty bound to promote, to the very best of their ability, their company’s own products… regardless of whether or not these would genuinely be the very best alternative for any given project!

TopLite Max Domes

With Diffused Polycarbonate

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Colour Burst

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More Choice

More Light...

More Style.

“Commitment is an act...

  not a word"


  Jean Paul Sartre   

*at our discretion