Temporary Arrangements Due To COVID-19

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                             The past few days has seen a considerable change in the government’s guidelines as to what, as a nation, we can and cannot do, as they continue to

                             provide the necessary funding (in order to save as many of our lives as possible), whilst simultaneously looking for the best and safest way for the

                             country to move forward once again. This has recently resulted in the introduction of a new set of measures, designed to get as many people as they

                             can, out of lockdown and safely back to work as soon as possible… not only in order to improve our personal quality of life, but also to save the nation’s

                             economy from utter financial ruin.


                             Whilst the majority of us have managed to cope and fully comply with the social distancing rules brought in to protect us from this debilitating and sadly

                             for some, killer virus, others (for varying reasons) and despite the best effort’s of our heroic, doctors, nurses, care staff and all other key support

                             workers, have not.


                             To those of you who are now trying to come to terms with their own personal bereavement after the tragic loss (due to COVID-19), of a loved one, a dear

                             friend or a respected colleague, we offer our sincere condolences.


                             Mercuri Architectural is a ‘closely knit team’ and consequently we were particular distressed when one of our colleagues, Mark, had to be put on his

                             hospital’s critical list. Happily with the considerable help of his very dedicated and knowledgeable medical team, he has been able to make a good

                             recovery, so much so that he is now safely back home and recuperating.


                             The other good news (speaking strictly from a company point of view) is that at long last… WE’RE BACK!


                             As from today and until further notice (but with a bit of luck for good), Mercuri Architectural are once again ready to discuss, design, provide and install

                             our entire range of rooflights, canopies or roof, wall or floor glazing solutions.


                             Of course, there are still a few problems to be ironed out. Most notable is the fact that, very reluctantly, we have had to accept that for the present, our  

                             lead times and delivery schedules are probably going to have to be extended. This is primarily due to an understandable, but temporary difficulty in  

                             sourcing the glass and polycarbonate sheets that are the very essence of what we do. However, because the situation is very fluid and is likely to remain

                             so over the next few weeks, instead of just issuing a general purpose delay notice on our website, we will continue to include in each and every

                             quotation or budget price we issue, our very best delivery information, as it appertains to your individual project.  These will of course be updated as

                             and when it becomes necessary.


                             Next, we are pleased to be able to now announce that site surveys and face to face meetings have been re-instated, although national social distancing

                             rules will still have to be applied and kept to as best as they can be.


                             We will also endeavour to provide our customers with all the drawings and technical and commercial support material that may be required for their

                             projects. However, as some ‘home working’ is still going to have to take place, which will inevitably delay normal business activity and communication,

                             we do ask that you 'have a little patience with us’ if this cannot reach you quite as quickly as we all would like it to.


                             Of course, if the national situation dramatically changes, we will once again adapt our plans in order to meet our clients’ needs, but for now, we once

                             again look forward to talking and meeting with customers both old and new.


                             In the meantime, let’s all enjoy our newly restored freedoms, whilst remembering to... Be Sensible and Stay Safe.


June 2020