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To help beat a new and highly transmittable strain of the COVID virus, earlier this month the government has been forced to introduce a new National Lockdown, which will inevitably bring with it further and more difficult challenges to our daily lives.


To eventually defeat this terrible virus, huge store is being set by the beginning of the long awaited, national rollout of the three vaccines we now have available to us (plus the likelihood of other new vaccines being imminently approved for immediate use), but at present, stocks of these potentially life-saving phials are currently only sufficient to inoculate those who, either because of their advanced years or certain pre-existing health conditions are deemed to be the most at risk, plus of course, the front line health and social care staff  who continue to work so tirelessly to protect and help as many of us as they possibly can.


Of course, placing the country back into lockdown is not without financial risk, both to the country’s economy and the livelihoods of too many of us, no matter where you may live or the type of business you may run.  However, had the government has not taken the major decision to quickly close the schools and a wide variety of businesses classified as non-essential and immediately shelved their previously introduced Tier System (which had been working and was certainly allowing, at least for some of us, more personal freedoms), then there was a profoundly serious risk of the N.H.S. soon being overwhelmed to the point where some hospitals could even be facing utter collapse.                            


Being a Lancashire-based company, until recently we were in Tier 3, but even with the new and much tighter restrictions, for us along with hundreds of other companies and thousands of their workers, it is not all doom and gloom because, rightly or wrongly, once again one of the sectors that have been exempted from having to feel the full force of the latest imposed safety rules is the construction industry.


Therefore, at least for the time being, under the latest regulations and provided that specific safety procedures are strictly observed, it is still perfectly alright for our installation teams to work at private homes and for them to travel across the country to undertake an installation on a construction site, providing of course, that strict protocols are fully adhered to at all times. And so consequently as far as Mercuri is concerned, it’s still a case of “business as usual”... Well, almost!


Naturally, the safety and wellbeing of our clients and our colleagues continues to be of paramount importance to us and so, for some time now, we have done everything we could to ensure that every aspect of our business is carried out in a COVID compliant manner. Of course, this is something which we will continue to do, right up until the day we are told by the government that construction must shut down, or that COVID-19 has been well and truly beaten and we can all start getting back to normal once again. Either way and just as before, we will announce any relevant changes as quickly as possible on this webpage.


 In the meantime, for help with your next rooflight, canopy, or roof, floor, or glazed wall, just ring the office number (shown above) and we will be delighted to help you in any way we can.


Quite clearly, it would be very remiss of this company if we were not to offer, once again, a huge and genuine thank you to all those amazing people whose often tireless work during the many months this terrible pandemic has been with us has helped, in one way or another, to try to keep the people of the U.K. safe and well or to make someone’s life just that little bit more bearable.


And to anyone reading this update whose life has already been totally devastated by this terrible coronavirus and is perhaps already having to try to come to terms with the tragic loss of a loved one, friend or colleague, may we offer you our condolences and our sincere hope that, in the fullness of time, you will once again begin to find a little more light in your life.


Finally, to all our clients both old and new, may we respectively suggest that whenever possible, you continue to try to do everything you can to keep you and your family and all your friends as safe as possible from this still-killer virus.


Please Remember…. “Stay Home.  Protect the N.H.S.  Save Lives”                                                                                                                         




January 2021