Are We Almost There?

For well over a year now, across much of the world, people and their governments, businesses large and small, health officials, doctors, nurses and scientists have had to face up to some very difficult challenges, some of which have been financial, some deeply personal and private and others which have had to be played out on the world’s stage. And whilst some of these ‘individual mountains to be climbed’ have resulted in considerable success, others have sadly ended in failure and worst of all, heart-breaking family tragedy.


But for much of the U.K., Monday 17th. May brought yet another important milestone in the country’s fightback against COVID -19, as lots more businesses, especially those in the hospitality and leisure sectors, were finally given the green light to re-open the doors of their restaurants, coffee shops, theatres and cinemas.


Elsewhere, as many large sports venues were also getting ready to welcome back spectators after many a long month of enforced closure, football clubs were finally able to allow limited numbers of excited fans back into their grounds to once again cheer on their teams and give a widely welcomed, morale boost to players, staff and supporters alike. Similarly, the travel trade, also received a much needed ‘shot in the arm’ as eager holiday makers, though still to some extent restricted by the government’s travel traffic light system, quickly started to snap up hotel and villa spaces both overseas and across the U.K.


For others, just being able to openly welcome a much-missed relation or friend back into their homes and giving them a long-overdue hug, instead of having to settle for the rather impersonal (but coronavirus safe) elbow bump, that we have all been encouraged to adopt over the past year, was enough to signal a vast improvement in personal freedom.


However, despite the phenomenally successful immunization programme that has directly led to this substantial reduction in our coronavirus restrictions (as of today, we are already well on the way to 40 million of us having been vaccinated, with 20 million individuals having also received their second vaccination), sadly we are not yet able to say that we have truly beaten this terrible virus out of existence.


Unfortunately, there is still the recent and very worrying spread of the Indian variant of this coronavirus to be dealt with! Therefore, although it appears from the early data that our current vaccines should also work well with this and other variants of COVID -19, which might also come along in time, we are still going to have to be patient for just a little longer and remain cautious about our own personal coronavirus safety… or to put it another way, now is not the time to be completely ditching the government’s social distancing guidelines, or ripping off our face masks.


As for us here at Mercuri, throughout this pandemic it has been and still is (to the best of our ability), a case of ‘business as usual’ and therefore, as we look forward to hopefully the next and possibly final marker on the government’s roadmap out of Covid, which, if all continues to go well in the U.K. is currently due to be reached in a few weeks’ time, we also look forward to assisting even more architects, builders, property owners or managers to find the best and most cost effective way of bringing natural light into their buildings or providing glazed shelter.


In the meantime, can we once again very respectively ask anyone reading this update to please, whenever possible, remember and act upon the latest government’s advice, which currently remains:-

May 2021