Latest Arrangements Due To COVID-19

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                             Once again, the past few days have brought further changes in the government’s plans to continue the fight back against this terrible COVID-19 virus

                             which has gripped, not just our country, but so much of the world over these past months.


                             As a result, whilst we here in the U.K. join with millions and millions of others around the world in eagerly waiting for the announcement of an effective

                             and affordable ’Silver Bullet ‘vaccine (one which will safely protect us against this life challenging virus) and with the depths of winter now not all that far

                             away, to try to help reduce the almost inevitable extra demands that are habitually placed on our hospitals once the temperatures start and then

                             continue to fall, instead of just sticking with a nationwide ‘one size fits all’ policy as was previously brought in back in March, our government are trying

                             to introduce a much more ‘nuanced’ approach to keeping as many of us as possible, safe and well, whilst simultaneously protecting as much of the

                             national economy as they can.


                             As part of this plan and despite coming up against, in certain quarters, what is considered by some to be ill timed opposition by certain politicians who

                             are, or so it can appear, to be quite prepared to give some of the electorate the impression that they are more interested in scoring party political points

                             or strengthening their ‘rule’ within their own little ‘fiefdoms’, than they are in working for the continued good health of not just the people they have

                             been elected to serve, but the nation as a whole. Or even worse, that in the weeks to come, they are perfectly willing to risk putting an even greater and

                             potentially unbearable strain on an already overburdened N.H.S and it’s not unlimited resources.


                             A key part of the government’s latest plan is that instead of imposing another nationwide lockdown, (which should effectively affect almost everyone’s

                             life equally, regardless of whether or not there was an actual clinical or economic need to do so) this time, in order that the country as a whole can really

                             bear down hard and most importantly, proportionately on the much heralded R rate (which is the rate at which one infected person is spreading the virus

                             to other non- infected people), the country would be split into three clearly identified zones or ‘tiers’, with only the areas of the country that are anticipated

                              to become the worst affected by this coronavirus, having to undergo the worst of the restrictions to everyday life.


                             Mercuri Architectural is a Lancashire based company and as such, we quite clearly fall within the highest category,  Tier 3,and therefore once again, we will

                             now have to make certain changes to the way we work.  However, happily, at least for the present, there are no restrictions on workmen working at private

                             homes or travelling across the country do an installation at a construction site.  Therefore, as far as possible, for both our trade and private clients alike,

                             as far as our company is concerned, it will be 'business as usual’! Well almost, because for some time now, for both the safety and wellbeing of our clients

                             and our colleagues, we have done everything we could to make sure that every aspect of our business has been undertaken in a COVID compliant manner.

                             Naturally, this is something which we will continue to do, right up until the time we are told by the government that we have to stop, or that the virus has

                             been beaten and we can all start getting back to normal. Either way, if and when changes do become necessary, we will announce them as soon as possible.


                             In the meantime, for help with your next rooflight, or roof, floor, or glazed wall, just ring the office number (shown above) and we will be delighted to help

                             you in any way we can.


                             We would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge and sincere thank you to all of you whose work, day in and day out, help to make life under

                             COVID-19 just a little easier, not forgetting all the totally dedicated and skilled doctors, nurses and clinicians, in fact all NHS and laboratory staff who

                             continue to work so tirelessly to save lives and to find a lasting cure that will hopefully eradicate this virus from our country.


                             Also, to anyone reading this updated notification whose lives have been devastated this year by this coronavirus, especially if they are grieving over the loss

                             of a loved one, friend or colleague, may we extend our sympathies and sincere hope that, in the fullness of time they will, once again, begin to find some light

                             in their lives.


                             And finally, to all our clients old and new, may we respectfully but firmly suggest that whenever you can, you try to do everything you possibly can, to keep

                             you, your family and your friends safe.


                             Please remember: Hands, Face, Space.




October 2020