An Architectural Gem From

Our Victorian Heritage

The Palm House

at Kew Gardens

Although indisputably a period of blatant social inequality, for those with wealth and position the Victorian Era was one of good

living, solid prosperity and great advancement.


This was the time when The City of London was the world's financial powerhouse and when, not for nothing, Great Britain was

known as the 'workshop of the world'


It was also a defining time for the architectural profession. With the introduction of new building materials and construction

methods such as plate glass and iron framed buildings, architects were free to experiment with a host of different styles.

Just three years prior to the start of the Victorian Era in 1834, The Royal Institute of British Architects was created for

"the general advancement of Architecture and for promoting and facilitating the acquirement of the knowledge of the various arts and sciences connected therewith"


Prior to all this back in 1759 and with the somewhat ambitious aim of “creating a garden containing all the plants of the earth”,

what was later to become the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew were first established. Then in the 1840s and originally covered

in green glass, the Palm House was designed and constructed.This was a fine example of how the Victorians, using their skills,

knowledge and ingenuity were able to create some truly amazing structures that really showed off the beauty of glass and the

use of natural iight to their full potential.


In due course and many years later, having recognised the importance of Kew’s “unique history, diverse historic

landscape, rich architectural legacy, botanic collections and position as one of the world's leading botanic

gardens for scientific research and education.”, in 2003 UNESCO designated Kew Gardens as a World Heritage Site.

Victoriana... Echoes of the past with up to the minute technology

Whilst a good many of the contemporary styled rooflights that are available

today are fabricated with non-rusting aluminium or uPVC, our own included,

there are certain types of projects being designed and built (particular

conservation projects) which really need something totally different. Something

which harks back to an earlier age altogether, both in terms of design and the materials used.


Specifically and carefully designed to be totally installed within a slim roof void

(so that they do not protrude above the finished roofline) and usually protected by

a particularly weather resistant black polyester powder coating, our Victoriana

rooflights offer both the look of times gone by and the durability needed to

withstand the varied climate of the United Kingdom.


With their period styled mullions, all Victoriana heritage styled roof windows are

perfectly suited to being installed in a barn conversion or as part of the

refurbishment of a listed building; although for some more modern properties,

this flush fitting range of rooflights can also be the means of solving some

difficult planning issues whilst also adding a bit of additional feature and character.


In order to make installation just that little bit easier, all our Victoriana

roof windows are custom made to suit your and the project’s

requirements… although of course we do offer a full installation service.


If required, our Victoriana roof windows can provide ventilation which can

either be opened or closed by means of a traditional brass winding gear or if

preferred, effortlessly controlled at the touch of a switch.


In a nod to modern day demands, especially from coastal areas, all

Victoriana conservation rooflights are designed and fabricated to the very

highest standards, especially as they now feature non-rusting stainless steel

frames, a choice of double or triple glazed glass that is actually

self-cleaning, (such a boon to maintenance and cleaning times), or which

could also provide better sound control or additional privacy.

Victoriana Roof Window With Optional Ventilation.
Victoriana Conservation Styled Roof Window (Section)

Victoriana... steel framed rooflights specifically for flat roofs

Completing and decidedly enhancing our main Victoriana range of conservation rooflights, we also can supply and install a rather special range of steel framed rooflights, all individually designed and fabricated to be installed onto flat roofs.


Only restricted in size by its mechanical properties and manufacturing

limitations, the Victoriana range includes truly circular glass domes

(something that is not offered by many rooflight companies, as it requires the

glass to bent in both directions), as well as one off individually designed

and generally non-ventilated glazed constructions.


Whilst black is often the preferred choice, the steelwork for these rooflights can

be finished in a wide spectrum of polyester powder paint colours, whilst

depending on the shape required, different types of specialist glass can also be

specified to match the client’s and the project’s requirements.

Victoriana (Background)

For further information about any of our Steel Framed Rooflights

please call us on 01253 827633 or send an email to

In fact, Victoriana rooflights can offer everything

you would expect of a high quality, heritage

styled roof window that offers superb thermal

performance with a total rooflight U value

of just 1.1 W/m²K.


To complete the overall appeal of Victoriana

rooflights, they are all supplied with

their own solid timber inner liners and although these are usually supplied in light oak, other

timbers can be supplied to match a particular

interior décor theme.

All Victoriana conservation styled roof windows

are custom made and of the highest quality.

The Victoriana range of Stainless Steel framed roof windows beautifully combine traditional design with the best of modern technology.

The Victoriana is the perfect roof window for

barn conversions and listed or period properties,

as well as some contemporary designed buildings.

Ventilated Victoriana conservation styled

steel roof windows complete with

traditional brass winders.

This purpose-designed flat topped

steel and glass Victoriana pyramid

was installed on the flat roof of a

London period residence.

A handcrafted, custom designed

circular Victoriana steel and glass dome

waiting to be double glazed.

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gallery/universal heading background
Victoriana Conservation Styled Roof Window (Installed)
Ventilated Victoriana Roof Window (Internal)
Custom Designed, Victoriana 'Pyramid' Rooflight (Internal)
Custom Designed, Victoriana Circular ' Rooflight (In Production)