Glass or Polycarbonate

Glazed Walls and Facades

AFAS Stadium, Netherlands

UltraLight for Retail, Leisure or Commerce

Although initially developed as high quality roof glazing systems,

both UltraLight and UltraLight Max were also specifically

designed to be extremely versatile glazing solutions.


Therefore, in addition to just being installed as glass rooflights

or polycarbonate canopies (or vice versa) our UltraLight

systems can also be very successfully designed, in either glass or

various specifications of polycarbonate as feature glazed walls and facades.


Whether it’s as a 350 metre long, 32mm thick polycarbonate

‘backdrop’ to a Europa League football stadium, a welcome

addition to a glazed canopy, the custom designed new entrance to a refurbished shopping centre or something entirely different,

the very knowledgeable design and technical teams at Mercuri are practical, imaginative and always ready to be of assistance.

Incorporating partial or full height glazed sides

to a canopy or walkway gives additional protection

from the elements, especially for structures installed

in more exposed locations.

Covered Walkway with Glazed Walls.

Unlimited in length, capable of accommodating doorways, changes in direction or intersections and vital mains services,

the UltraLight glazing system is designed and engineered to the highest standards so that it is more than capable of

withstanding the worst of European climates.

UltraLight Max, Custom Designed Glazed Stairwell
Custom Designed, Covered Walkway with Half Glazed Walls.

Giving excellent light whilst also enhancing

the security of the residents of this apartment

block, this is one of the more unusual ways

UltraLight Max has been installed… both as

curved vertical feature windows... and also as

this vandal resistant, polycarbonate glazed

spiral staircase 'stairwell'

Custom Designed, Covered Walkway with Permanently Ventilated, Multiwall Polycarbonate Walls..

A visually striking, new front lobby or the

glazed entrance to an individual shop, showroom,

hotel or office building.


Or perhaps, the custom designed entrance of a

completely refurbished shopping precinct. Just about

anything is possible.


With UltraLight systems being totally capable of

being safely installed at anything from almost flat to

perpendicular, is it any wonder that they are the cost

effective, go to choice for so many different and

wide ranging projects and consequently, the ideal

solution to many glazing issues.

Correctly and safely engineered and fabricated to the

highest standards, UltraLight glazing systems can

harmoniously bring together the clean, straight lines of glass with the curvature of design that polycarbonate

allows, to create all types and sizes of glazed structures.


We design and install glass or polycarbonate walls or

facades that will really 'raise the tone' of almost any


Robust and durable polyester powder coated

glazing bars and other associated metalwork

can be supplied in a huge choice of RAL

colours… ideal if you are restricted to working to a corporate colour scheme.

UltraLight Custom Designed, New Façade and Canopy, Orton Gate Shopping Centre, Peterborough.

UltraLight Glazed Walkway with

low level permanent ventilation

A New Glass Façade And Free Standing Polycarbonate Canopies, All Installed In UltraLight,

Form The New Entrance For This Major Refurbishment of a Shopping Centre In Peterborough

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UltraLight Max, Multiwall Polycarbonate Glazed Wall, AFAS Stadium, Netherlands
Custom Designed, Polycarbonate Walls and Canopy