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                     Because we include so many and such vastly different products within our portfolio of rooflight and architectural glazing

                     products, as well as all the associated optional choices that are also currently available (for example the different methods of

                     ventilation that we can offer), a while ago our company decided that, unlike some of our competitors, we would not

                     encourage our clients to quickly settle on and make their roof glazing purchases with just a couple of clicks of a mouse.


                     As a matter of fact, we recently calculated that purely from just within the TopLite range alone, astonishingly, we can design

                     well over 27,000 different rooflights and that is just based on the standard sizes we offer… and also just with all the

                     metalwork being polyester powder coated in white! In actual fact, there are more than 200 RAL polyester powder paint

                     colours to choose from, most of which can be supplied without any surcharge. Not only that, whenever it’s technically

                     possible, we are we are always pleased to provide that much needed, special one-off bespoke design.


                     Therefore, with that much choice on offer, as a company we firmly believe that were we to include a 'checkout' here, there

                     would have been just too great a risk for possible error; an error that with one hasty but erroneous click of a mouse could

                     perhaps eventually lead to a distressing and possibly costly disappointment... which naturally would be the last thing we

                     would want for one of our customers.


                     The other reason that we don’t include a checkout within this website is because with over forty years industry experience

                     behind us, we are only too well aware that, except for the most basic of requirements, developing the correct rooflight, roof or

                     architectural glazing specification takes more than ten minutes or so spent online if you want to get everything 'spot on'.

                     Usually it requires a certain amount of time to think everything through and to properly consider all the options before reaching

                     what can quite often be a pretty important decision; decisions such as what is going to be the right aesthetic, the right technical

                     performance, the right levels of safety and durability and of course, the right price for your particular building project.


                     Therefore, the provision of certain accoutrements of online selling such as a shopping basket and an online payment facility, we

                     prefer to leave to others.


                     Instead, regardless of whether you are an architect, a builder, a business or home owner... or whether your initial need is for

                     just a single rooflight or a fully glazed roof, wall or floor, we invite you to give us a few moments of your time to tell us, either

                     by phone or email, what you would ideally like to see in your rooflight, glazed roof, wall or floor and even more importantly,

                     what are the key features and technical performance you really must have. That way, we can then quickly get to work, before

                     getting back to you to advise on what is the best solution we can suggest for your project; a specification that will not only

                     deliver on all your key requirements but also incorporate as 'extras' any desirable, but less crucial options you may also like to

                     have… all at realistic and genuine prices that will give you the best value for money that we possibly can.


                     Furthermore, because we know from past experience that requirements can and frequently do change during the early design

                     and construction phases of a building project, (whether because of enforced changes to the budget or a problem unexpectedly

                     encountered on site) apart from just issuing our initial budget prices or fully detailed quotations and specifications, when

                     necessary we are always pleased to also provide our clients with all the relevant revised costing details they need.


                     Of course, in keeping with Mercuri’s company ethos any revised prices will, just like all our budget prices and fully detailed

                     quotations, always come without any subsequent sales harassment or obligation.

                   To help you get started on your roof glazing plans, we have now put together a handy and quick

                   reference rooflight guide, which shows at a glance, exactly what each different Mercuri rooflight

                   range can (and sometimes more importantly) can’t offer. We hope you find it useful.

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In putting together this web page, not only we have tried to include a real cross section of all our rooflights

and other special glazing systems, but also a real flavour of how different specifiers, contractors and our

skilled designers and installers have been able to work together to ultimately see installed, some exciting and

sometimes quite challenging roof, wall or floor glazed structures, as well as a wide variety of different styles

of rooflights, all specifically designed to do different things.


There is, however, one thing that they all do and do very well and that is to let in the light, which they do

                                                                                             ...just beautifully!


If you like something that you have seen in our webpage today and you think that perhaps we could be of

some help to you with your project, be it large or small, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01253 827633

and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and possible solutions in much greater detail.


Alternatively, if more convenient, please send us an email to sales@mercuriglazing.co.uk and we will get

straight back to you at the very earliest opportunity.

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